Every business needs to regularly consider its future, both as a business and for the stakeholders, especially the shareholders, directors and management.

We at Beavis Morgan can assist directors and shareholders in planning the business’ future strategy. We can help produce a business plan and financial projections based on agreed scenarios.

If the main shareholder(s) are looking to exit the business we can help plan a successful exit, whether it is through a trade sale, a management buy-out/buy-in, or an i.p.o.

If a major shareholder wishes to realise some equity without losing control of the business, we can advise on the methods available and the implications of such a transaction.

Alternatively if your business is looking to grow we can assist in assessing the financial requirements, the method of achieving such finance and if acquisitions are an objective, work with the directors to identify possible targets, define the acquisition criteria and how the acquisitions can be financed.

If the time is right to consider converting the company to a listed entity we can assist in planning that process, help find suitable brokers and advisers for a public listing and act as the reporting accountant on the i.p.o. process.

We will also advise on the taxation implications of any proposed transactions as they impact on the business and shareholders.

Our services include:

  • Developing a strategy
  • Preparing financial projections
  • Assisting in preparing a business plan that reflects the agreed proposed strategy
  • Assessing the taxation implications of changes in the business arising from implementing the proposed strategy

Please contact Paul Ashton or another member of our team to arrange an initial no fee no obligation meeting.