Idea 1 – get out more (and get more business)

In the current business environment there is an element of needing to get on and do it. To try and then to fail is fine. As long as you then review what went right, what went wrong , and then modify your plan. Plan, Do, Check & Act is the basic tool. If something then works it should be confirmed as best practice and implemented by all the team.

To build up a pipeline of new work you need to make contact with people. This can be done is a myriad of ways, but the frequency is the key – up to 100 contacts a week!?

Idea 2 – take the initiative with clients

“People who come to us with ideas that can help, suggestions that improve, or insight that illuminates”

Clients want to know that you care, and you therefore need to always be working on taking the initiative.

Make suggestions and provide insights of best practice. Put it on the agenda every time you meet your customer / client.

Idea 3 – do something different – ask the team

Don’t be afraid to come up with and take action on a new idea. Be fearless and imaginative.

Creativity takes time and the right environment, and you cannot rely on just the top people in your organisation having the best ideas. Find ways of opening up a forum for ideas from your whole team.

If you don’t ask them then you will miss some important gems.