3 More Key Ideas for 2014

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Matthew Burge

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13:25 GMT 27.02.14


3 More Key Ideas for Success for Business Leaders in 2014 

1. If 20% of your revenue in 5 years time had to come from a product or service that didn’t currently exist, what would that be? This great question should drive increased energy and innovation into organizations. To trigger new thinking as part of your strategic planning activities for 2014 use brainstorming, making sure you record all the ideas before analyzing and filtering them.

2. Growth = Capability and Capacity. 
Many organizations focus ONLY on sales / marketing when seeking to grow their organization which is a logical path to take. However two aspects overlooked which can block a successful sales / marketing campaign is a lack of capacity to deliver on the new work that has been won or the capability to deliver a quality outcome that will hold customers over the long-term. So when going for growth in your organization ensure you first check whether you have the capacity and capability to achieve your growth targets. There is no point putting more business through an incapable system.

3. What would Apple do? 
The cliché of Apple and Google examples of business best practice can sometimes wear thin on many leaders. Reflecting on your own products / services if you put yourselves in the shoes of a leading design team at ‘Apple’ what would they change about your product or service? A great way to challenge your team to think laterally.

Matthew Burge

13:23 GMT 27.02.14